Month: July 2003

  • Nice Costs Money

    MicheleB challenged me to discuss the meaning of life among other things. I look forward to the smugness of owning half a suburb. Nella and I were talking about buying nice things while the kids are still young enough to enjoy them. “How about a house”, I said. So we went to check out some […]

  • Sell 5265 BHP @ 9.84

    Well BHP is certainly powering along. But I need the money quickly and the change from Hartley’s to my new broker Tricom is going slow. So even though I think it has some legs I want out.

  • Owning half a suburb

    MicheleB made the following comment to an earlier post on Post Navra Rush. OK then, here’s a question I’d really like your considered opinion on. How does one, how do YOU, balance lifestyle with an ongoing acquisition program? When you’re young, it’s easy to put the comfy choices on hold when you have a PLAN. […]

  • They get it or the don’t

    There’s a bunfight brewing over at the Somersoft forum about the Navra Cashbond?. If you want to wade through some tedious numbers, knock yourself out. There are even some interesting worked examples by Steve and others. Let’s ignore the emotion of the debate. As an aside, there are people who love nothing more than debates. […]

  • Avoid Jargon

    Avoid jargon as you learn and practice asking your professionals for the outcome you desire. It will make you a fortune. Instead of asking your accountant to form a discretionary trust, ask instead for a structure that will protect your assets, offer some income, estate and tax planning benefits. Better yet say “I want to […]

  • Don’t talk to the boss

    I was reminded of an interesting phenomena this weekend at Steve Navra’s course. Many people on hearing a speaker want to deal with this subject matter expert, a.k.a “the boss”. You don’t need to deal exclusively with the boss. If the boss is any good they have put great staff in place, who are better […]

  • Post Navra Rush

    Nella and I just flew back from Steve Navra’s Optimising Investment Structures course. If you want to get financially independant, are pushed for time, and are less than a genius, then book into one of these before Steve decides he has enough Australian clients and goes off to revolutionise the USA. If you are based […]

  • Brains or Money 2

    Sim’ is shaking up my thinking again. He focused on my A students working for C students quote. ‘A’ students are not renown for thinking outside the box. There is a bias within western education to look for the single right answer. This normally means that A students need someone to grade their work and […]

  • Anthony Robbins Wealth Mastery (TM)

    After posting about Steve Navra’s Optimising Investment Structures course earlier, I got home to find a brochure for Anthony Robbin’s Wealth Mastery. I registered and attended Wealth Mastery in 1998 or 1999. I admire Tony Robbins very much, the man is extremely talented as a motivator, influencer and coach. There was also a good discount […]

  • Steve Navra :: Optimising Investment Structures

    Nella and I are attending Steve Navra’s Optimising Investment Structures course this weekend in Melbourne. A little bird told me this may be the last formal course Steve will run in Melbourne. Nella normally hates going to courses, preferring to put into practice the things she’s learned over the years. We could once have been […]