Don’t talk to the boss

I was reminded of an interesting phenomena this weekend at Steve Navra’s course. Many people on hearing a speaker want to deal with this subject matter expert, a.k.a “the boss”.

You don’t need to deal exclusively with the boss. If the boss is any good they have put great staff in place, who are better at the job. Get friendly with the staff, stay friendly with the boss. If you only deal with the boss and they get busy, the service declines.

I use this with lawyers all the time. I know the lawyer and the clerk or associate actually doing the work. Then I can get things done by talking to the most appropriate person. I need to do it more with my accountants.

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  1. Agree with you on this one – I’ve found (after quite a struggle) that it works better to have my accountant’s associates deal with the details – since they are good at that and quite timely too (they reply to emails the same day !!!!!!!) – and call “the boss” only to look at the big picture stuff which he is best at.

    Now all I need to find is a solicitor I can work with the same way.

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