Fake ATO Tax Bill scam

I just got another scam robo-call claiming to be the ATO. There was a writ for my arrest, issues were found in my audit, paperwork returned unsigned and undelivered, lien of my account, tax avoidance, tax fraud and more dire and legal-sounding phrases that I’ll document next time they call. The number this time was […]

The Capital Class online trading scam

Update 19 June 2020 Many people are finding this website again, which means The Capital Class online trading scam has started calling again. Please add a comment with the number that called you and any details about the call. Folks it is a scam! Just got a call from 02 8040 5542 allegedly from Emma […]

Neo Capital Crypto Scam

Neo Capital called from 0202137180 claiming to be in the UK. It was a terrible VOIP connection. The usual “You registered on our website, but probably forgot or it was a while ago. You indicated interest in investing.” Um, no I didn’t. The “Financial Consultant” had an American accent, but obviously not a native speaker. […]

Income Class Online Trading Scam

Income Class just called from +44 20 0689 8239 on an awful laggy VOIP line. They had my name, phone number and email address and claimed I’d registered on their site to make additional full-time income in online trading. Of course I didn’t register, I’d never heard of them. Their website is IncomeClass [dot] net […]

True Capital Pro Forex Cold Call Scam

I just received a call claiming to be from True Capital Pro. They claim to be based in Covent Garden in London but it sounded like a Philippines call centre. They claim to have exclusive software that scans the markets 20 times per second. They said I’d responded to a current campaign looking for a […]

Your Account Is Locked Scam SMS

I received this SMS today from +61 448 111 215 Your account is locked. Proceed with additional verification. https://online-banking-nab.com/.cgi scam SMS text message This is a scam. What are the clues? It’s from a random Australian mobile number. Banks don’t use mobile numbers to send messages. The domain looks like NAB but it is actually […]

Scam Lottery Winner SMS

If you play lotteries you already have a way of being notified if you win. If you don’t play lotteries you can’t win and any message about winning is a scam. Here are the scams I receive. Comment below with yours. If you don’t want to use your email address to comment, please use [number-you-are-reporting]@wealthesteem.org […]

Is this Investment Call a Scam?

You’ve just received a phone call on your mobile (a.k.a. cell) phone. The nice person on the end of the line is lovely, polite, smart and caring. They care deeply about you and they have amazing investment opportunities for their clients. It’s very rude to assume this nice person is a fraud, thief or scammer. […]

No Bitcoin for Sir John Key Former NZ PM

Sir John Key, the former Prime Minister of New Zealand has never invested in Bitcoin. He is not promoting cryptocurrency. If you see it on your news feed or on a website it’s a scam. Scammers on social media Facebook and Twitter and other sites have set up fake websites to look like the New […]

FTOCapital.com Scam

I received a call today from 03 9077 1873 claiming to be from  Financials Trading Online with a pitch exactly the same as HQ Brokers.  I’m not sure if H Q Brokers have pivoted to a new name or a different scammer driving this call. It’s a different scammer from H Q Brokers. It was obviously […]