They get it or the don’t

There’s a bunfight brewing over at the Somersoft forum about the Navra Cashbond?. If you want to wade through some tedious numbers, knock yourself out. There are even some interesting worked examples by Steve and others.

Let’s ignore the emotion of the debate. As an aside, there are people who love nothing more than debates. The truly wealthy people I’ve met don’t play those games, they’re too busy making deals or friends. Why hang around with debaters?

So I’ll summarise Bill.L’s position as “prove that cashbonds are a good idea in all cases”. Steve has a good swing at doing that, but I see it as a futile exercise. People either get it or they don’t.

Steve says “here is what works for me”. Naysayers respond, “here is why it will never work”. Only one is right, but also, only one can make money. But the point is not that it must work in 100% of cases, only that it works in my or your case. Let the rest of the herd believe it can’t be done.

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