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  • Live 8 the African Reality

    Lest this become a love in… I do have reservations about the ability of a rock concert to affect meaningful change in either the G8 or Africa. The G8 ministers have a fundamental belief in the superiority of western economic organisation. Anti-globalisation protesters don’t faze these guys. A billion rock concert eyeballs will get a […]

  • Live 8 Live Internet Radio

    Of course I am getting extreme geeky right now. I’ve got the BBC’s feed of the London concert via WinAmp digital radio. So Annie Lennox is on BBC, Bryan Adam is on Fox 8 and Zucchero is on Fox+2 I’m getting tired. Given I’m on UTC+10h at the moment I’m hoping the Tokyo coverage will […]

  • Live 8 banner

    There’s even a cool techorati banner for live bloggers. If you care please comment on any of the Live 8 posts and also add your name to the Live 8 List TO: The 8 most powerful leaders in the world 50,000 people are dying, needlessly, every day of extreme poverty. At this year’s G8 summit […]

  • Live 8 is on now

    For those lucky enough to subscribe to Foxtel, Live 8 is on Fox 8 right now. Even better for digital subscribers it is on the timeshifted Fox 8 +2 as well. Thank god Molly Meldrum is finished for now. Does anybody in the key music demographic in Australia care bout Molly? Maybe their parents did… […]