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  • Calculate the Beta Coefficient of a stock

    As part of the Corporate Finance subject of my MBA we have to calculate the beta coefficient (aka Beta) of a company’s share price. The is applied economics and market mathematics, but it simply is a number which indicates how closely (or not) a company’s share price moves in relation to a broader market (or […]

  • CSR update

    I was reviewing my watchlist and realised CSR has been trading 6.40-6.60 recently. I sold out in November at 5.56. Trading doesn’t always win.

  • Sell 1040 NCP @ 10.84

    I need the cash for another investment and the sell price represents a 10% gain on entry price of $9.85 so I’m taking profits. I have a sell in for CSR @ 5.63 but I don’t think it will hit this 3% price target today. Don’t you hate it when plans change? CSR was a […]

  • NCP Commentary

    I did have a sell order in for my remaining NCP @ 10.46 but I cancelled it. If I’m betting the market will consolidate over the next few days, then NCP should follow. I could sell as insurance but given how long I’ve gone on BHP it doesn’t really make sense. NCP spent most of […]

  • Buy 1831 CSR @ 5.46

    This is not strictly a trading position. But If it jumps I’ll take it. Given the perilous state of the stock market I’ve been keeping an eye out for value stocks that pay consistent dividends, represent a discount to NTA and have good businesses. CSR was one of the ones on the list and is […]

  • Buy 5000 BHP @ 9.95

    Andy, my full service broker called me today. There must be something about having an unused margin facility that makes these guys nervous ;). Anyhow he gave good spiel so I thought I’d give it a go. Andy’s 5 good reasons to buy BHP under $10.00 Market should be up – Microsoft released a ripper […]

  • Sell 6298 ALZ @ 1.35

    I love it when a plan comes together. 😀 ALZ may well move back up over 1.40 and I’ve left money on the table. But nobody ever went broke taking a profit. This may well be the bottom of the market but I don’t think so. The Dow and NASDAQ both ended down overnight. The […]

  • Buy 6298 ALZ @ 1.31

    ALZ has come off 15 cents (10.27%) over the last month. There has been some negative research on it. However they pay nice quarterly dividends, so holding at this point is ok if this trade doesn’t go anywhere. ALZ hasn’t announced the next quarterly dividend yet. My sell point is 1.35 for a 3% gain. […]

  • Sell 5745 ALZ @ 1.44

    The pre-determined sell point is reached and my sell order kicks in. As I held for more than 45 days I am eligible for the franking credit. I’ve held for 46 days ;). Return before franking credits 0.03 Dividend 0.04 trading gain 0.07 on 1.40 = 5% for 46 days holding (before brokerage). $402.15 (0.07 […]

  • Foray into CBA Warrants

    A broker from my past called me. He’d changed brokerages with the closure of Barton Capital and asked me if I had a full-service broker. I said I’d give him a go. Full service brokers can be useful in the following areas: 1) Trading out of market hours; 2) Accessing research; 3) Short selling and […]