Tag: day trading

  • Buy 1010 NCP @ 9.85

    Ouch another fall. Maybe I’m trying to learn Dollar Cost Averaging? I think it is not a good strategy for a trader. The case for is at Motley Fool. The case against is at Investopedia University.

  • Sell 820 NCP @ 12.99

    Nice profit for two weeks holding. For those who don’t want to work it out it is 6.48% before commissions.

  • Sell 2602 NCP @ 12.80

    Glad to be out with a tiny profit. It will probably jump up a bit, but the trend is down.

  • Buy 652 NCP @ 11.96

    It seemed too cheap.

  • Buy 1950 NCP @ 12.80

    Back from holidays and NCP is down again. So like a moth to flame I jump back in.

  • Sell 1940 NCP @ 13.34

    On holidays in Queensland and having a losing open position is stressing me. Sell so I can at least enjoy my holiday. Plus I can return and trade without waiting for my stocks to recover.

  • Sell 1460 NCP @ 13.90

    Stop loss set at $1.00. Had to learn that lesson sometime.

  • Buy 1460 NCP @ 14.90

    NCP opened at 15.00 so I placed the order. I am worried that if it hits 14.90 it will keep falling as a key support will be breached. But I’m testing a system and I’ll be in meetings most of the day. Here goes.

  • NCP Market Commentary 2002-01-14

    Ouch! NCP opens low at 15.14 and trades lower spending most of the day below 15.00. The strategy calls for buying more stock if it drops another 2.5% to 14.90 which it nearly did. NCP closes at 15.04.

  • Sell 1940 NCP @ 15.45

    After yesterday’s emotional roller coaster it is time to exit and make a considered re-entry. The market opens at 15.55 but it is down to 15.40 before I can get near an internet connection to sell. I place a sell order at 15.45 and go do some work. During that time the market recovers to…