Post Navra Rush

Nella and I just flew back from Steve Navra’s Optimising Investment Structures course. If you want to get financially independant, are pushed for time, and are less than a genius, then book into one of these before Steve decides he has enough Australian clients and goes off to revolutionise the USA. If you are based in Sydney, click quickly because he really doesn’t need more Sydney clients.

Steve and I have discussed his structures over the years. Being a maverick, I find it hard to follow someone elses strategy too closely. Nella thinks I suffer from Shiny New Idea Syndrome — every new idea is distracting and I lose focus (I ask you what does she know?).

I was content with my wealth creation results over the last 3 years – I have just about enough equity to go looking for another investment property. But my assets haven’t worked at optimal efficiency. Heck they have barely broken a sweat — you naughty, lazy assets. Imagine what I could have achieved with six-monthly reviews and a plan of action with milestones and targets? What about using an Optimised Investment Structure that used every dollar six ways. My wealth creation is now augmented with rigorous discipline courtesy of Navra Financial Services. Oh baby feel the burn.

This testimonial is from the heart. Nothing I have seen or done before has made this much sense. In the past I have kept an eye out for good deals, grabbed them when I could then paused to digest. Those pauses have lasted between one and six months. Then I’d wait until I could either afford another deal or another great deal showed up. This was somewhat ad hoc. The time has come for a machine-like approach to building assets.

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  1. Paul
    Love reading your blog (now is that word elegance-challenged, or is it just moi?) esp your thoughts on Navra’s course. Now those were inspiring! I met Steve at the CBR BBQ when I first met you and Nella, and I’ve been meaning to properly check out his manifesto. Unhappily I let myself be distracted by the obligatory midlife thingie which had to be firmly restrained with chair and whip. I’m now back and grappling with the sane/mundane and trying to make up for lost time. So thank u lovely Paul. Blog on.

  2. hehehe, yes “blog” is inelegant, but that’s what it is. Actually the big BBQ was when I first met Steve in real life, he wanted to know who Dreamspinner was before he started a presentation 😉

    Midlife thingies ARE life. Just remember to invest occassionally on the way so we can enjoy the latelife thingies (like healthcare).

  3. OK then, here’s a question I’d really like your considered opinion on. How does one, how do YOU, balance lifestyle with an ongoing acquisition program?

    When you’re young, it’s easy to put the comfy choices on hold when you have a PLAN. In fact, there’s something smug and heroic about living like a refugee while owning half a suburb.

    But suddenly you wake up one day and find that you’d better get a decent house pronto because the kids will be leaving home any minute and to continue to live in conditions that would shock a battery hen is no longer an option. OK so we sell something, extend/renovate an ip (because prices are silly and who’d buy in this market right?) and we suddenly have a ‘lifestyle’ YAYAY.

    And of course it’s suddenly quite fulfilling to buy and enjoy nice things, an Italian oven, marble tiles, a Persian rug.

    So how does one get back that lean machine attitude? And do we have to? Of course we do! We have tasted NICE. And nice costs money.

    I see a brand new treadmill in front of me Paul…..and it’s got celestial rays coming off it like a Monty Python vision.

    Balance is obviously required here, especially as I’m now too buggered to work as hard as I used to. Passive income sounds better than ever. What’s the answer? I suspect it’s probably the same as it ever was…. a PLAN. Goals, a budget, a nominated slush amount, a reliable income. And a reasonable stab at answering that trickiest of questions….what IS the meaning of life?

    Well Paul?

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