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Nella and I are attending Steve Navra’s Optimising Investment Structures course this weekend in Melbourne. A little bird told me this may be the last formal course Steve will run in Melbourne. Nella normally hates going to courses, preferring to put into practice the things she’s learned over the years. We could once have been called course junkies.

Despite that I think Steve’s weekends represent phenomenal value for money. In these days of $3,000 courses, it is inspiring to see a course cost less than our airfares from Sydney. This is basically because Steve is not in the Seminar Business. However our attendance is not determined by price at all.

We’ve been to a couple of Steve’s Q&A’s over the years. Steve makes a dollar work six times and shares the how he manages his own assets. Go check out the articles if you want an overview. However as each person is unique the detail comes from the time spent around a table hashing out examples. This process cannot be done online or in general articles – I’ve tried to explain the Steve Navra principles but once you get beyond the generalisations it quickly becomes specific to the investor. I believe a weekend thinking and discussing my financial strategy will be worth millions over the next 10 years.

Seriously consider what you are doing this month to create wealth in your life.

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  1. What did you get out of the course, are you implementing any of it, what are your thoughts re the navra strategy in todays economin climate??

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