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  • Requesting Removal of Information from Wealthesteem.org

    Requesting Removal of Information from Wealthesteem.org

    If you wish to request the removal of anything from wealthesteem.org you are hereby instructed to provide the following: URL of the page text or image you are requesting removed. name, address, phone and email address of the business organisation making the request. name, address, phone and email address of the individual responsible for the […]

  • Trademark, Copyright and Intellectual Property

    People get confused between copyright and trademarks. The area of law is called Intellectual Property (IP). Copyright protects the expression of an idea. This includes spoken, written and audio-visual expressions. Hence books, movies, documentaries, photos, recordings, paintings, articles, drawings, poems, songs and music are all covered by copyright (subject to the creators jurisdiction). Trademarks (and […]

  • Risks of serving on a board of directors

    Directoship Risk was a question asked and answered by a LinkedIn connection of mine – the erudite Dr. Earl R. Smith II Executive Director of Longview. Actually Dr Smith covered more than risk, he laid down some Board of Directors – Basic Principles and included great perspectives on Director compensation. He also invited comments on […]

  • Email Confidentiality Notices

    Many emails coming to me have default confidentiality or commercial-in-confidence signatures. I think privacy aware individuals or organisations see them and adopt them without thinking through the issues. Firstly if I haven’t specifically solicited a confidential email why should it be binding on me. Here is an interesting point from the abuse.net database: IF YOUR […]

  • Writing Affidavits

    I pride myself in being an internet power user. I think I can research most things on the net very well. I’ve had to draft an Affidavit for the succession wars and so I thought “surely this is something I can discover on the net” Ha! I found definitions and some general (albeit useful) guidelines. […]