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  • Twitter Updates for 2009-08-15

    add to your entrepreneur watchlist Richard Uechtritz CEO of retailer JB Hi-Fi $JBH:ASX http://is.gd/2hmfr # Powered by Twitter Tools.

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-08-14

    RT @mktbot From 10 Aug $CXN:ASX ConnXion Limited is $CXN:ASX ConnXion Ventures Limited http://is.gd/2gBot # RT @mktbot From 12 Aug $ETC:ASX Entertainment Media # RT @mktbot From 12 Aug $ETC:ASX Entertainment Media & Telecoms Corp.Ltd is $NBS:ASX Nexbis Limited http://is.gd/2gB5m # RT @mktbot As of 14 Aug $GLI:ASX GoldLink IncomePlus Limited is now $BIV:ASX Blue…

  • Calculate the Beta Coefficient of a stock

    As part of the Corporate Finance subject of my MBA we have to calculate the beta coefficient (aka Beta) of a company’s share price. The is applied economics and market mathematics, but it simply is a number which indicates how closely (or not) a company’s share price moves in relation to a broader market (or…