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After posting about Steve Navra’s Optimising Investment Structures course earlier, I got home to find a brochure for Anthony Robbin’s Wealth Mastery.

I registered and attended Wealth Mastery in 1998 or 1999. I admire Tony Robbins very much, the man is extremely talented as a motivator, influencer and coach. There was also a good discount for me at the time. Coupled with a money back guarantee, I had nothing to lose by going.

Let me say, I loved it. But… during the first half of the seminar there wasn’t anything I didn’t already know. Sure, I wasn’t applying it all and found that fact very motivating. So I asked for a refund before the appropriate time. That gave me a lesson in self-confidence in asking for what I wanted.

“No, I don’t want to attend another event,” I said, “I’d like a refund. I am not getting what I want.”

“Yes, I do actually understand the content,” I said, “I have a B.Ec. and used to work for a money market trader. I’d like a refund. I am not getting what I want.”

When dealing with a skilled influencer, my only advice is to stick to your message and repeat it.

Many people who go, love Wealth Mastery. I loved it and didn’t finish it. But many people I talk to cannot immediately apply the principles. They spend time networking with other graduates until they reach a comfort level that lets them impliment some of the ideas. I know a few graduates who haven’t made an investment after a few years — they can’t find the right strategy.

This could easy become a post about unnecessary, expensive seminars. But I know graduates who made fortunes after attending. They basically found a strategy that worked for them and stuck to it.

That is the real lesson. Find a strategy that works and stick to it. Continue your education as you gain experience. Revise and refine the strategy as you reap the rewards.

The cost of the seminar is not indicative of it’s value. Spend what it takes to find your strategy.

But it does make Steve Navra’s course at $286 worth a look.

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  1. Much as we respect Tony Robbins and his great work.
    The seminars are excellent,you’ll find That Mr Robbins will only give you half the course and the others will sell you the Masters course..A big rip off,for the money spent..Lots of Staff,ask them for help and they will gladly sell you the masters course

  2. great post – thanks for the info! I found a great post in his biography elsewhere *finds link* anthony robbins biography its a good read for anyone interested! Take care – Fraser


    1. This is the greatest course in wealth creation using the stock market in human history;

    2. I can “Guarantee” and put my money on the line that “All of the above” people including the person who believed they “knew it all” have NOT made significant profits in the last 10 years since he attended wealth mastery (half of it) because he thought (wrongly) he knew it all

    3. The different between “the know-it-all” [often me] and Tony’s courses are the very important distinctions.

    For example: had the trillion dollar trader “know it alls” used methods like stop loss, put options, defensive principles then most would never have lost trillions of dollars for their clients and for themselves.

    The very worst delegate in a course is not the skeptic BUT the “know it all illusion” who does *not* really know it all but their belief is their biggest downfall.

    4. My recommendation to all of the above, particuarly Mr. Know -it-all, STOP EVERYTHING right now and enrol on Wealth Mastery. This will make the NEXT 10 years of your life highlly profitable.

    If you do not heed my words (i.e. the words of TONY ROBBINS) then I will bet you that yet another 10 years of disfunctional life will take place. I will bet you – write me: any site, up to $10,000 will be bet with conditions (to make sure it is through wealth mastery principles or lack thereof that you make or break)

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