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  • Motivated

    I was driving into the office today. Given it’s a 50km trip each way, I usually either listen to a talk on tape (or CD) or I drive and think in silence. I actually like the thinking time. I was pondering why I’m struggling with myself to get to the office. Sure a 100km communte […]

  • Settling the succession wars

    How strange! I haven’t posted since September. I feel guilty and rusty. I am not living my life in a small public spotlight. I’ve been depressed by the succession wars and blogging just hasn’t been inspirational. That’s interesting as I think I write best when I am not at my emotional best. Anyway, it looks […]

  • Legal Update

    The wheels of justice keep turning. The settlement deed the other side prepared just sucked. They told me it was totally not-negotiable so don’t bother getting legal advice just sign it. Yeah right. So my lawyers said don’t sign it. So while the settlement negotiations fall apart we have mentions and orders on some of […]

  • Settlement Negotiations 5

    Posts labled Settlement Negotiations 3 and 4 are currently imbargoed until the lawyers finish. But it’s looking promising.

  • Settlement Negotiations 4

    Seems like they wanted me to sweat the weekend. Strangely I didn’t. I figured we were going to court, I’d tried to settle, agreeing to their demands and asking for time to pay. If they rejected it I’d see them in court and roll the dice. This morning they called with a counter offer requesting […]

  • Settlement Negotiations 3

    I got an email from The Wicked Stepmother last night seems like she hadn’t received anything back from me or the go-between. Turns out the go-between hadn’t been to his office for the last few days and hadn’t got my email. Oh well. So I replied to her email and spoke to the go-between. (Aside: […]

  • Settlement Negotiations 2

    Got the Heads of Agreement for the settlement today. It is a one-sided document prepared by the other side’s lawyers. In it I promise to do six things and they promise nothing – including no mention of ceasing all actions. Oh well that’s what happens when the other side prepares the documents. Obviously I wont […]

  • Settlement Negotiations

    The AVO hearing in the Succession Wars was this morning. Last week I sent an emissary to try yet another settlement – I asked to find out what they want.. This time we got results. The Geezer and The Wicked Step-Mother told us what they want to go away. Now I need to decide if […]

  • AVO

    The police applied for an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) after I was assaulted last year. So far the Geezer’s lawyers have argued it is not a “real” application, but a tactic of the succession wars. So far the Magistrate has allowed the Geezer to give undertakings not to contact me without lawyers. That lacks the […]

  • Get a lawyer son

    I was in court on Friday for the Geezer’s assault on me. The staff who were witnesses were also subpoenaed to appear. He denied punching me or hitting me with an office chair, but admitted only pushing and shoving me. However they argued he was a fine citizen an a pillar of the community. They […]