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  • Fired on Your Birthday

    Fired on Your Birthday

    My daughter heard that a coworker was let go on her 18th birthday.  Her message to me was in ALL CAPS and full of umbrage. The worst was the boss knew it was the kid’s birthday and FIRED HER ANYWAY!!! That reaction was natural and wonderful. I am so proud of her empathy and humility. […]

  • Calculate the Beta Coefficient of a stock

    As part of the Corporate Finance subject of my MBA we have to calculate the beta coefficient (aka Beta) of a company’s share price. The is applied economics and market mathematics, but it simply is a number which indicates how closely (or not) a company’s share price moves in relation to a broader market (or […]

  • MBA Update Month 2

    I got my mid-term exam back for Accounting & Financial Management. Despite poor time management in the last third of the exam, I managed to get a Distinction (78%) which is a good result for my first formal study in nearly two decades. Advice to returning students. Your exam technique will be rusty. Two tips. […]

  • 10 ideas on starting with no job

    With damn hard WORK (not JOB) how to go from 0 to 5 investment properties. Assumptions it wont happen fast unless you’re lucky – in which case you didn’t need to follow any plan. You will work harder than anybody with a job to get the same initial results. I’d guess it will take about […]