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  • Amazon Prime for $99.99 per month? Scammer

    black Samsung Galaxy smartphone displaying Amazon logo

    Amazon Prime costs $6.99 AUD per month. An Indian call center just robocalled me three days in a row to refund my $99.99 per month charge for Amazon Prime. Of course, it’s a scam. They wanted me to open my browser and give them remote access to my PC. Legitimate refunds do not need access […]

  • CIG Solutions cryptocurrency scam

    The call was from 0459 381 805 claiming to be Jeremy from CIG Solutions. Yes it’s a crypto-currency scam at cig-solutions[dot]com. I didn’t have the time to do my usual time-waste and document their MO. Instead, I told him he needed an Australian Financial Services Licence to solicit me. The script he followed repeated that […]

  • The Capital Class online trading scam

    TheCapitalClass scam website screen grab

    Update 19 June 2020 Many people are finding this website again, which means The Capital Class online trading scam has started calling again. Please add a comment with the number that called you and any details about the call. Folks it is a scam! Just got a call from 02 8040 5542 allegedly from Emma […]

  • Neo Capital Crypto Scam

    Neo Capital called from 0202137180 claiming to be in the UK. It was a terrible VOIP connection. The usual “You registered on our website, but probably forgot or it was a while ago. You indicated interest in investing.” Um, no I didn’t. The “Financial Consultant” had an American accent, but obviously not a native speaker. […]

  • Income Class Online Trading Scam

    incomeclass.net scam website

    Income Class just called from +44 20 0689 8239 on an awful laggy VOIP line. They had my name, phone number and email address and claimed I’d registered on their site to make additional full-time income in online trading. Of course I didn’t register, I’d never heard of them. Their website is IncomeClass [dot] net […]

  • Is this Investment Call a Scam?

    1182571_gesture_2 by Sanja Gjenero zagreb, zagreb, bh

    You’ve just received a phone call on your mobile (a.k.a. cell) phone. The nice person on the end of the line is lovely, polite, smart and caring. They care deeply about you and they have amazing investment opportunities for their clients. It’s very rude to assume this nice person is a fraud, thief or scammer. […]