Nice Costs Money

MicheleB challenged me to discuss the meaning of life among other things. I look forward to the smugness of owning half a suburb.

Nella and I were talking about buying nice things while the kids are still young enough to enjoy them. “How about a house”, I said. So we went to check out some relatively affordable houses in Sydney.


I’ll say it again.


We saw a couple of matchboxes that made our current place look fabulous. Given we are renting for about 2.5% of it’s current value, we decided to look for more investment properties.

So a plan with targets, deadlines and rewards is important for us to keep at it. Nice costs money. We don’t want to spend a lifetime amassing wealth for when we are too old to enjoy it. And I intend to spend a huge pile of my kids inheritance. Without a plan and medium term goals, it is too easy get distracted and let a year go by without progress.

A smart millionaire once told me that it is important to take a part of every successful business deal and buy a memory. Preferrably something you would never spend my own money on. It doesn’t have to be huge or expensive, but it must be something that will remind me of the success. I just realised I’d stopped doing it.

Life is the memories we build up on our journey.

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  1. G’day Paul (and Nella),

    There’s a couple of great one-liners in that post !! Thank you for sharing them.

    Planning on printing them out and hanging them around my room.

    Which ones? These!!!!!

    “Without a plan and medium term goals, it is TOO EASY to get distracted and let a year go by without progress”

    “Life is the memories we build up on our journey”

    There was a third “one-liner” that I also liked a lot (I might even print it out too…)


    Small word, but how and where you used it told a whole story, complete with emotions. I suspect it is one of those undeservedly under-used words in our language… ;^)

    Regards, and thanks again,


  2. And I especially liked the one about buying a memory from the proceeds of each success. Excellent advice. Have you ever seen a skinny squirrel?

    Now Paul, I’m dead serious here. Come and live in Adelaide. You’d be but an hour or two from MEL or SYD, you can talk STD for 3 hours for $1.50 and you can do everything else online…….AND you can buy a stunning fully renovated 4BR period villa in a leafy inner-city burb for $500K.

    Life is the memories we build up on our journey, true, but it’s very nice to travel first class.

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