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  • CoursesPlus scam

    CoursesPlus scam

    Quick call today, Elle Gibson called from 03 8904 8852, saying I’d registered an interest in making a second income from trading. Needless to say I never register for any of that stuff. Their standard response is I must have forgotten that I registered. No. Just. No. The scam seems to be mutating into a […]

  • Target Research Marketing Scam

    Target Research Marketing Scam

    I was called today by Target Research Marketing from 08 7922 7894 trying to recommend 3 stocks. They claimed they were from Darwin which sophisticated investors know is not in the top 50 financial centres of Australia*. They claimed they got my number from a B2B directory. What? Anyway I was working and too busy […]

  • Scammers Calling Me Less?

    Scammers Calling Me Less?

    Since June 2021 I’ve received less than 10 scam phone calls. This is simultaneously amazing and ridiculous. Scammers gotta scam is a trope I live by. But with all the YouTube scam baiters and Social Media content creators in this space, I am hopeful that scammers are starting to clean their lists up just a […]

  • FTOCapital.com Scam

    FTOCapital.com Scam

    I received a call today from 03 9077 1873 claiming to be from  Financials Trading Online with a pitch exactly the same as HQ Brokers.  I’m not sure if H Q Brokers have pivoted to a new name or a different scammer driving this call. It’s a different scammer from H Q Brokers. It was obviously […]

  • Emotional Control for Success When Trading Currencies

    Guest contribution provided by Forex Traders For many investors, learning the intricacies of investing is a continuing effort that focuses on expanding personal knowledge of the principles involved and on gaining experience at the craft. Unfortunately, many of these individuals tend to be unaware or just plain forget that the most important ingredient for success, […]

  • Buy 5 BHP March 9.49 Calls @ 0.05

    That represents $0.17 x 5265 to close out the position. As these are covered calls I own 5625 BHP against which I write these calls. Since doing this BHP has gone from $9.95 to close today at $8.93 so it’s fallen $1.02 (my average buy price was below $9.95). In the same time I’ve earned […]

  • CSR update

    I was reviewing my watchlist and realised CSR has been trading 6.40-6.60 recently. I sold out in November at 5.56. Trading doesn’t always win.

  • BHPEL down to 0.075

    OK, it appears that I have wondered from my trading strategy and am trading on emotion. Yes it is good to take insurance — in my case I did that by buying BHPEL back at 0.105 yesterday to close out my position. I didn’t expect BHP to hit $9.49. For the record I don’t think […]

  • Buy 5 BHP Feb 9.49 Calls

    I bought them back at 0.105 (0.005 profit) to close out the position. That makes it my worst option trade to date. I’m out $230 in commissions. Something is going on with BHP and I have no idea. Neither does my broker. I could hold on, if BHP hits $9.49 I get exercised and pay […]

  • Sell 5450 ALL @ 2.02

    Hey a fast profit is a good profit. I’m out with a 11.60% gain (before commissions) in six days. I wish all my trades were like that.