Brains or Money 2

Sim’ is shaking up my thinking again. He focused on my A students working for C students quote.

‘A’ students are not renown for thinking outside the box. There is a bias within western education to look for the single right answer. This normally means that A students need someone to grade their work and tell them they are right. Rarely will an A student not care about what the teacher thinks. Entrepreneurs and business initiators tend to be egotistical, megalomaniacs with a unhealthy sense of self-importance (by A student standards).

Sim’ gets better results in subjects he enjoys. No ‘A’ student on the planet allows themselves to have such petty preferences impacting their averages. You either get A’s or nothing. Getting a ‘C’ is not an option. Think about it – you know the type. Smart, hard-working, keen.

Sim’ goes on to answer his own questions by discussing attitude. A students make great research assistants and if they can break out the habit of looking for the quickest right answer, they make good research fellows. Entrepreneurship is a bit harder. It demands a passion for uncertainty or excitement. Those personality types normally don’t graduate head of the class.

I’ll always advocate following a dream over sticking to something you’re good at.

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