Bot trap installed – Spambots need not apply

Over the last two months this site has been absolutely hammered by spambots — automated programs designed to use this site for sending spam, spamming search engines or other nefarious activities. None have got through to any public pages or done anything useful. But I’ve had about 12,000 unique bots visit in March alone. This […]

Upgrade to WordPress 1.5

WordPress, the software running this blog, was upgraded to version 1.5 That’s fantastic news as the new features look exciting. However the template system changes are non-trivial. After breaking it, I found these WordPress Upgrading 1.2 to 1.5 Instructions which got everything working properly again. It is a bit tricky – it isn’t obvious that […]

Design Changes

I’m gradually restoring the design elements of WealthEsteem. Those of you who remember it should be happy. Given the improvements to WordPress I’m going to redo the design from the ground up so in the meantime I’ve used the simple_sky style by Chris M of Thanks Chris it looks great. Let me know if […]