Why do an MBA?

Surely that’s a dumb question to be asking myself right now. I had to answer it on the application. I’ve committed the money and time to it. I’ve even started the first course – Accounting and Financial Management.

That first course is looking to be as easy as I thought. Which on one level really frustrates me. Why am I paying to do a subject I am already unconsciously competent at? It’s a good way to ease into studying again after all these years.

Strangely I found myself wondering about some of my fellow students. They don’t seem to understand the broad accounting aspects of their businesses. Maybe it was me, but all my career I’ve been interested in the Profit & Loss Statements and Balance Sheets of my employers.

Back to the question at hand. Why do it? Career prospects? More money?

For me it the answer is to change my life. To understand business and industry with a new depth and rigour. To use to time to change my world-view and internalise my studies in a way I could not appreciate when I was an undergrad. My business interests are in fast-growth, entrepreneurial firms. That is where my MBA is leading, although I can’t say exactly where yet.

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  1. Hi, sorry, usual suspect. Entrepreneurship is clearly a big thing to you. Do you think the MBA is targeted at entreprenuers, and not employees? Both?? Or it all in how YOU apply it? Curious to understand your rationale on how an MBA takes your thinking to the next level.

  2. part 2 – I mean, why not read business biographies (as I am sure you do), the BRW Rich 200 (and other BRW special issues eg. Fast 100, etc), philosophy (I am told it broadens ones mind), or works by authors such as Edward de Bono. What does the institutionalised study of business management have that these do not?

  3. The answer lies in ur question only. Ofcourse career and money. Just see your career graph scaling to new heights after u do ur MBA, new oportunites will open and ur payscale will also shoot up. It will give u immense job satisfaction also and no one knows one day u might lead a company and fulfil ur interests.

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