CoursesPlus scam scam website

Quick call today, Elle Gibson called from 03 8904 8852, saying I’d registered an interest in making a second income from trading.

Needless to say I never register for any of that stuff. Their standard response is I must have forgotten that I registered. No. Just. No.

The scam seems to be mutating into a trading education scam now. That way they claim they don’t need an Australian Financial Services Licence to operate in Australia. That argument is very thin. ASIC is cracking down on social media influencers teaching followers how to improve their financial intelligence, demanding they obtain a AFS licence.

If they recommend software that recommends investments, they need a licence. If they put you with an account manager from another company, they need a licence.

Legitimate marketing companies can tell you when and how you registered interest for training. Getting your details via marketing costs money. Tracking the source of your enquiry is trivial, and every marketing manager wants to know what marketing channel works and what doesn’t, so they track it all.

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