Amazon Prime for $99.99 per month? Scammer

black Samsung Galaxy smartphone displaying Amazon logo

Amazon Prime costs $6.99 AUD per month. An Indian call center just robocalled me three days in a row to refund my $99.99 per month charge for Amazon Prime. Of course, it’s a scam.

They wanted me to open my browser and give them remote access to my PC. Legitimate refunds do not need access you to access the internet.

I started an old MS-DOS computer I had on the bench. He got very confused that I didn’t run Windows or Mac. He asked, “How do you get email?” I said “I’m banned from using email”. Some more “I run DOS” back and forth before he hung up on me.

The scammers will do and say anything to get you online. So please folks never let an unexpected caller share your screen.

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