I just received a call claiming to be from True Capital Pro. They claim to be based in Covent Garden in London but it sounded like a Philippines call centre.

They claim to have exclusive software that scans the markets 20 times per second.

They said I’d responded to a current campaign looking for a secondary source of income.

They said their commission is just 3% so that absolutely aligns their interests with their customers. So much so that they’d assign an experienced mentor to help me make $30-$70 AUD per day.

The minimum investment was just $200 USD which is $300 AUD exactly.

Most importantly they claimed to be regulated in Australia. Without taking a breath he told me not to worry about it because I obviously have never traded before.

This is all a lie. Actually MetaTrader 5 software does real-time market scanning, but it’s hardly exclusive. And most of the scammers don’t run a true data feed. Instead they manipulate the data when they need to give you the illusion of profits and then manipulate again when they need to wipe your position out.

He asked what I did for a living, I answered “I write about scammers who illegally call people with forex scams.” He didn’t even listen to that an moved on with his script.

They didn’t even bother exposing their fake Australian phone number on the call. It was just “No Caller ID”. This is the second call from them, but I was driving the first time so couldn’t take notes.

While demanding to know who is regulating their brokerage business in Australia he said he wasn’t here to argue with me and hung up.

This is exactly the same modus operandi every other scam company out there does, collectively they have stolen millions globally from their clients. truecapitalpro.com (don’t click that link – I’ve already told you it’s a scam so it redirects back to this post)

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