The Wise Class: Scam or Not?

The Wise Class scammers

I just received an unsolicited phone call from 02 7251 2506. Mary Anderson from The Wise Class. They are operating illegally in Australian.

They claim to be an “educational institution” and “internally regulated”. They only take a 3% commission and provide a mentor to help me trade with their “fully automated software” that scans all “5 major asset classes” in the markets 25 times per second. This scans “thousands of opportunities” while I go about my busy life.

I couldn’t take it after 5 minutes I started pushing back.

They require an Australian Financial Services Licence to market into Australia. No ifs, buts, maybes, kind-ofs. This defines them as a scam when they claim they don’t need it.

They are also legally required to be licensed in the UK and NZ where they also claim to be trading legal since 2010.

Later we received another call from 02 9037 3818.

They will never remove you from their database which is another way you know they are a scam.

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