Trade Show Strategy

I’m at a trade show in Cologne Germany. I’m questioning my trade show strategy. I race around all the halls and grab flyers or brochures only from stands that pique my interest. I then do some small talk, but really it’s just an introduction and “I’ll email once I get home and review your website”.

Interestingly I know people who want to sit down and place an order at trade shows. Unless they’re really experienced I can’t see how they manage their budgets or keep things straight that way. I’ve travelled with someone like that once. He basically ordered what he liked and cancelled orders after the show if he’d double ordered something (or found it on another stand at a better price). In a sense proforma invoices allowed and even encouraged him. He’d review it before the order was confirmed.

I wish I could do something like that. It seems more management by exception, or even following Getting Things Done.

From a Theory of Constraints perspective, I am the constraint. When I get home I have to pull out the brochures, write emails, review websites consider things again. Whereas my friend makes a decision and then it’s up to the supplier to do the work.

Damn I hate it when I have an epiphany like this on the road. Now I’ve actually got to change me approach.

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