Too much and not enough

We’ve been back at work for the last week but have been cleaning the warehouse and testing our Compiere ERP+CRM implementation. Going from MYOB to an ERP system is intimidating and overwhelming. I’ve had staff swearing at their machines for a week

It hasn’t helped that I also forced Linux on them as a new desktop. Hey I figured if we were going to redesign the company we might as well go all the way. We’ll either crash or crash through.

Let me clarify that. If the company must change to survive I could make incremental changes –change our business model while keeping accounting, stock control and back office systems constant. But we are a small company and I catch people (including myself) doing things the old way because our systems support doing things the way we’ve always done it.

If we don’t change we are out of business. If we can’t keep up with the changes we may fail. All I have to do is chart the course between too much and not enough. Now that’s an excursion for February.

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