Live 8 is on now

For those lucky enough to subscribe to Foxtel, Live 8 is on Fox 8 right now. Even better for digital subscribers it is on the timeshifted Fox 8 +2 as well.

Thank god Molly Meldrum is finished for now. Does anybody in the key music demographic in Australia care bout Molly? Maybe their parents did… once upon a time… in a sunburned country far away.

You can also watch Live 8 live via the internet.

To try and keep this on topic seems gratuitious. Maybe after it wraps I’ll post about the implications of forgiving African debt and the financial impact on global growth, conservative financial management etc. For now I’m watching the concert, it is time do something different for the poorest nations in the world. If we keep doing what we’ve always done, we’ll get what we’ve always got.

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