Live 8 the African Reality

Lest this become a love in…

I do have reservations about the ability of a rock concert to affect meaningful change in either the G8 or Africa. The G8 ministers have a fundamental belief in the superiority of western economic organisation. Anti-globalisation protesters don’t faze these guys. A billion rock concert eyeballs will get a reaction along the lines of “that’s nice, now let the grown-ups talk”

I’m not seeing too many African artists on the bill so far either.

However if Live 8 begins a discussion amongst people who have never considered these issues, it is a good thing. Even an elementary and simplistic dialog will lead to some kid growing up to provide useful and intelligent solutions. Every primary school child learns that the enviroment is important. Most of these kids grow up not making a bit of difference to the environment – but some do.

While looking for a view to counter Live 8 I found Ethan Zuckerman’s “Bono and Brad Pitt Need Your Help!”. Take a few minutes to read his considered thoughts on debt relief, aid and changing global trading rules. Then there are comments on the absense of African performers and Peter Gabriel’s criticisms of Live 8.

But let me quote the best part of his post

But it would be a damn sight more useful and transformative if bloggers would go a step further and start reading some African bloggers… perhaps starting with some of the folks who are justifiably skeptical about the value of yet another rock concert. Allow me to recommend Thinker’s Room’s Live Aid? Please!, Sokari Ekine’s Live 8419 or Gerald Caplan’s brilliant piece in Pambazuka.

It is too easy to reduce this discussion to the simplest terms – the G8 should magically fix it all. Hopefully something more intelligent will grow as more people join in.

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  1. Ethan – an excellent post. Unfortunately the ’spin masters’ have spun this one well and good and people are falling over themselves to get to the alter of Geldof and Bono. Some sanity is required and you and other many other African bloggers have provided it.

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