Live 8 Live Internet Radio

Of course I am getting extreme geeky right now.

I’ve got the BBC’s feed of the London concert via WinAmp digital radio. So Annie Lennox is on BBC, Bryan Adam is on Fox 8 and Zucchero is on Fox+2

I’m getting tired. Given I’m on UTC+10h at the moment I’m hoping the Tokyo coverage will get the some interesting coverage later.

Looks like none of the Free to Air stations are doing anything beyond a highlight package tomorrow. Channel nine seems to be doing a 60 minutes special. Sheesh.

Hmmm I’m now doubting that the Live8Live coverage is actually totally live. Bob Gendolf is on stage singing Don’t Like Mondays, but an hour ago I read he was on stage performing that song. Hmmm BBC hasn’t got Bob on live at the moment.

I suspect the TV coverage is doing what they do during the Olympics. We’re getting slightly massaged live coverage of what the programmers think is the most interesting act at all the locations.

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