Settlement Negotiations

The AVO hearing in the Succession Wars was this morning. Last week I sent an emissary to try yet another settlement – I asked to find out what they want.. This time we got results.

The Geezer and The Wicked Step-Mother told us what they want to go away. Now I need to decide if giving them what they want hurts less than continuing the fight. Basically I give them a wad of cash and some non-monetary things (like control of some companies and products).

There is nothing absolutely objectionable about the non-monetary side of the offer. So now it’s a matter of working out how to give them that stuff without incurring large expense or liabilities. The monetary settlement is trickier. Obviously I can’t go into the level of detail I’d like. It is really tempting to do an exact breakdown.

The way the deal was put to me was “here is an offer, pay them $X and give them this stuff, in return all actions cease”. I took all actions to include the AVO complaint as well as their actions against me. If we settle the dispute I don’t need to fear the Geezer attacking me out of frustration with legal battles. In the spirit of give and take I withdrew the AVO application.

Credit where it’s due, the Geezer checked with me if I would be upset if he pursued a costs claim against the Police. While it is unlikely the Police would make me pay a costs order against them, they would not be well-disposed to me if they lost a costs order. I reminded the other side that we are trying to harmoniously resolve the dispute and upsetting my reputation with the Police was not good. I told them I’d appreciate it if they didn’t pursue costs. They didn’t pursue costs and the Magistrate congratulated us on being able to resolve some of our disputes.

Anyway I thought some of you would like to know there is light at the end of the tunnel. At least it seems like it.

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