Recharging the batteries

I need a break. Urgently! So Nella and I were looking at a weekend away in the Hunter Valley. Then we remembered we were already going away with a group of people in a couple of weekends. So going away twice in three weeks doesn’t really work. For one I’d miss my internet connection.

We thought about it, and decided to simulate a weekend away while staying at home. That means that for Saturday we are going to pretend we’re away. Eat out, sleep in, no housework. Pure fun. If someone rungs my mobile, I’m away ;). I am one of those people who always answers my phone. Tragic really.

Recharging the batteries by changing our headspace without going away should be fun. If it doesn’t work we’re going away in two weeks anyway. I’d like to be able to change my energy levels without having to changing my geography.

One thing I will do this weekend is think about the new directions I want to take my business. That is exciting

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  1. We did this last year sometime – didn’t have the brain bandwidth or energy to organise a trip away for a long weekend, so we decided to holiday at home. We moved the matress from the bed into the loungeroom (this may be awkward if you have kids you can’t ship off to a relative), hired a heap of videos, ate junk food (and Weetbix), slept late, and did very little of anything (although we did manage to head out for a couple of meals too). Was very relaxing all around.

    So how did your weekend wind up then Paul ?

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