On MBA’s

In MBA’s, DBA’s and all Business degrees from B Bus to D Bus there are two conflicting forces.

1) In a university context there is a academic imperative which favours scholarly research, published papers and the number of PhD’s in the department.

2) Within the client context (students and sponsoring employers) there is a practical imperative which favours take-home value. This requires immediate application of theory and a faculty with brilliant skills.

While many students are interested in management or running their own business, there are many who are interested in the intellectual challenge of research.

Most business people probably favour a faculty heavy with industry experience. They do exist.

I believe Entrepreneurship is best learned by doing. Hire an MBA don’t become an MBA. But there are courses available for subject knowledge deficiencies. e.g. You wouldn’t want to negotiate an earn-out trade sale if you didn’t understand DCF (Discounted Cash Flow).

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