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Welcome to blogsphere Mike Nicholls. Mike writes Mikes Weblog for Entrepreneurs

I’ve known Mike for a while now and he is a smart operator who can change your thinking on life and business. There should be some interesting sales, marketing and technical tips there.

Mike also reads multiple books at a time, and curently halfway through John McGrath’s book You Inc, How to attract amazing success into your life and business. John McGrath and Mike make the great point in asking “Where’s the gift?” in any situation good or bad.

In light of the succession wars and business challenges I’m fighting I have been looking for the good in the situation.
For example
I am restructuring a business and learning heaps.
I am evaluating my values and chosing to act according to them.

Another powerful technique is to look at my whole life not just the business side of things…
I am healthy
My family is healthy
My kids are enjoying their school and life.

So aside from a few really irritating things at work, my life is pretty good.

Thanks Mike

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  1. I guess it’s a bit like that song from the Life of Brian…always
    look on the bright side of life..dodoo dodoo dodoo 😉

    Good to be reminded though.

  2. Hi Paul.

    Long time since chatting. How are You , Nella & the girls?

    Looks like you have been busy !!


    Gee Cee


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