Fake ATO Tax Bill scam

I just got another scam robo-call claiming to be the ATO. There was a writ for my arrest, issues were found in my audit, paperwork returned unsigned and undelivered, lien of my account, tax avoidance, tax fraud and more dire and legal-sounding phrases that I’ll document next time they call.

The number this time was 03 9028 5839 (AKA +61390285839). It seems this scam has taken off in the last 24 hours.

The ATO do not robo-call with dire threats and don’t take payments over the phone to make it go away. So folks please hang up on them.

I decided to check out how the scam operated. So I hit the number to talk to an office. 12 rings later I was connected via VOIP to an Indian call centre. It may have been in Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka, I don’t know.

He wanted my name. I told him he’d called me. No he didn’t. After a few of these, he hung up. More later when I call them back.

Other numbers used by this scam:

  • 02 9028 8603 or +61 2 9028 8603
  • 02 9028 7143 or +61 2 9028 7143
  • 02 9028 8976 or +61 2 9028 8976
  • Best to avoid 02 9028 and 03 9028

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