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  • Welcome Back

    A belated Happy New Year. I could have edited the timestamp to make this on time but that would be cheating. During the Christmas shutdown we didn’t upgrade anything. It’s a long, boring and unenlightening story. You win some… Oh well. We are working on the erratic hosting. Sorry about that. The good news ins […]

  • Hack Attempt #1

    Someone tried to hack the site tonight. I don’t know whether to be angry or flattered. So if you show up one day and it seems like I’ve moved into the porn-biz you’ll know: 1) I’m 0wn3d by script kiddies (i.e. the site has been defaced). 2) Don’t hire me as your IT security consultant […]

  • Server Slow

    This poor server seems to be struggling a bit. So it will be replaced in the next week. During that time and for about 1 hour the site will be off-line. I’ll post an update before it happens but I don’t know how much notice you’ll get. In the meantime thanks for persevering with the […]

  • A new look

    As some of you know, my site is not about community building. Go visit the Somersoft Forum or chat room to meet some wonderful people. I also like the Freestyler Network for meeting like minded people in the real world. This site is more a journal or diary. A stream of consciousness philosophy if you […]