A new look

As some of you know, my site is not about community building. Go visit the Somersoft Forum or chat room to meet some wonderful people. I also like the Freestyler Network for meeting like minded people in the real world.

This site is more a journal or diary. A stream of consciousness philosophy if you will. Therefore the PostNuke CMS which ran the site was overkill. It’s a very good open source Content Management System however.

Also the layout gave visitors the impression that I wanted them to register or somehow be accountable.

Therefore I installed new software — b2 – a classy weblog tool. Hopefully it will be a bit easier on my server and less intimidating to readers.

Wish me luck.

All posts in the old forum will be ported to the blog over the next few days. The blog will continue to be hosted on my server. I may have intermittent outages, but what better way to know about them?