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  • 1000 unique visitors

    Wow. Over the weekend we crossed 1000 unique visitors threshold for September. That’s a fantastic growth rate for this blog without promotion. Some September statics 16.6% of the page-view traffic comes from search engines. Nearly 20% of that search engine traffic is from Tony Robbins searchers. Another 15% of that traffice is looking for Steve […]

  • Maintenance

    We (and all the others on this server) have recently been hammered by bots (and spiders) indexing and otherwise slurping this website. After a group of them from NameProtect grabbed 15 megabytes of bandwidth I decided to do something. After many false starts and misadventures I believe I’ve set things up so bad bots will […]

  • Upgrade to WordPress 0.72b1

    We’ve upgraded to WordPress 0.72 beta1 to fix a couple of bugs that were annoying. As usual let me know if anything broke that I didn’t notice

  • DNS is down

    If you can still see this page, congratulations, but you may not for long. DNS is the way the internet turns www.wealthesteem into an IP address. Anyway our nameserver in the US is down as is our secondary name server. So until they come back we and the other sites served from here are invisible. […]

  • Technical Glitch

    We required a security update to the blog software. A transmission glitch meant the server gave blank pages for the last 4 hours. Sorry about that. It should be fixed now. As usual let us know if there is a problem.

  • Telstra Fault

    We have a Telstra Line fault on our ADSL connection. If you can read this you are either lucky (congratulations) or it’s fixed. ETA on the fix is after 13:45 Friday 4 July 2003.

  • New server

    Over the weekend the old server crashed and mostly died. We replaced it with a new server and things should be faster and more stable. Let me know if you see a performance improvement or not.

  • Maintenance outage

    A password resyncronisation problem led to the site being off-line between 23:30 24-Feb-03 and 13:00 25-Feb-03 AEDT. Sorry about that. If you connected to the outage you may need to click refresh on some pages to clear your cache. But if you can read this then you probably don’t need to. 😉 If you have […]

  • e-mail subscription service

    I am trying to get a email notifier working for Wealth Esteem. That will allow guests to be notified when an entry is made here. Is this something you would find useful? Comment below.

  • Server crash

    Sadly the server hosting WealthEsteem died today. Unfortunately it did not have the decency to die quickly. Obviously none of the updates since 16 Jan 2003 made it. We’ll try to recover them if possible. The interim server is not brilliant and the replacement server is being tested. All we need is a few free […]