Server Slow

This poor server seems to be struggling a bit. So it will be replaced in the next week. During that time and for about 1 hour the site will be off-line. I’ll post an update before it happens but I don’t know how much notice you’ll get.

In the meantime thanks for persevering with the poor response times.

Surprisingly I added a log analyser and there are a few of you reading this.

Leave some feedback gang. You don’t have to register or leave and email address.

2 responses to “Server Slow”

  1. hehehe.

    Kinda sick, craving recognition. I justify it as the only way I’ll force myself to keep a diary. I want to see how my thinking changes as I get more experience and by being public I can’t change history (that’s what’s so cool about the trading diary).

    It is called blogging (ewww).

    The purpose of trackback and pingback? 2 answers:
    1) I don’t really know!
    2) something compulsive bloggers use to update each other on cross-referenced entries.

    e.g. Blogger1 writes about Blogger2 who replies to Blogger1 etc etc ad infenitum.

    It’s a way of automating the “I’ve replied updated my reference to you”.

    I think — it’s kinda early stages yet. the official answer is here

  2. re: logs… Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched ? 😉

    Then again, I suppose you wouldn’t be blogging (is that the term ?) if you didn’t crave just a litte limelight !

    Suggestion: why don’t you take us on a quick tour of what we see here with the software – “Comments” I’ve pretty much worked out, but what does “TrackBack” and “PingBack” do ?