Balance and Obsession

Peter FitzSimons in Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald had this great quote:

“While it’s important to have balance in your life, it takes a certain obsessiveness to be outstanding.” Former Hockeyroo coach Ric Charlesworth in the latest issue of Inside Sport. And this, dear friends, is the key problem with modern sport.

I won’t comment on modern sport, but Ric Charlesworth’s comment is not limited to sport. Outstanding results come from two directions: 1) Pure dumb luck, and 2) perseverance.

Without Ric’s certain obsession, setbacks become insurmountable obstacles. What keeps investors going after their first few offers are rejected? How do you cope with any stuborn ignorance and negativity from friends, acquaintances and family members?

Notice he said certain obsession. I’m not talking about the sort of blind obsession that makes compelling drama in film and TV. Rather it shows up in our discussions and even our web-surfing ;).

I do believe in life balance over a period of time. There is a season to sow and a season to reap. That doesn’t mean you reap and sow every day. Outstanding people are willing to make sacrifices today to have what the unwilling don’t have.

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