Auction clearance

The guys from Mason Gray Strange Auctioneers came around on Monday and picked up two truckloads of stuff for auction in their rooms. That’s about 14 pallets and should go in their auction next week (I think Monday 10th May).

In Bexley we sold about 5100 units in 12 weeks. We shipped about 4100 to auction.

We’ve also entered the online auction business. We bought in some product lines for the main business and I decided to put one up on

The first four items are already in profit and the auctions have 2 days to go. We’ll expand that side of the business too. Thank goodness because our normal distribution channel is becomming less efficient.

So by next week we’ll have a floor price for about 200 product lines via the auction house. We’ll try to clear individual lines at above that through special sales and eBay.

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