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Update 8 June 2011: The twitter feed of all company announcements is now at @mktbot which has an RSS feed. See goosmurf’s comment below for a Yahoo Pipes piggy back.

Update 31 July 2009: I may have a solution, stay tuned and comment below if you want this. Alternatively use my contact form.

Update 2007: This RSS feed has been pulled while goosmurf works out a different way to achieve this.

goosmurf has created a brilliant RSS feed of ASX Company Announcements where you can specify the company codes that interested you. So if you want to track just the announcements of, say, BHP Billiton (or your own portfolio) you can add the ASX codes to the feed address and just get just those announcements.

Now there are quite a few RSS feeds of all ASX announcements available elsewhere, but I don’t want to track all 1600 ASX-listed company’s announcements. This is the first RSS implementation I’ve found to let me track just the companies I want.

There are also web-based and email alerts out there, but I was looking for an RSS solution.

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  1. Hi Paul, You mentioned that there are some web-based / email solutions for subscribing to ASX announcements. I couldn’t find any though. Perhaps you could point me in the right direction? Thanks.

  2. @Roger Keays
    All the feeds I knew of are currently down. But I’m negotiating for a new one.

    Keep checking back, especially as you didn’t use a real email address so you’ve got no way of knowing that I’ve answered you.

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