It’s Only Money

Money is a medium of exchange. That means it has no intrinsic value beyond what its holder can exchange it for.

There is zen-like power in understanding that. Mastery of my emotions around money leads to mastery over money.

Money becomes merely a score-card. Some days are a winner, other days aren’t so great. My perspective changes and mistakes don’t generate the same level of fear.

Fun starts to creep in.

And values are easier to see.

I can also look at the depressing parts of my life with new insight. Are the succession wars depressing because of their fiscal impact on me? No but the cost makes it harder. Good, then I stop thinking about the costs and start figuring out solutions to the underlying problems. It’s only money and it will cost whatever it will, meantime how do I feel about family Christmas lunch?

Stuff that is depressing or irritating purely due to the financial outcome can be dealt with by quick decisions. That person owes us money? Send it to the debt collector and stop worrying about it.

Delays making or second guessing decisions are soul numbing. I learned that lesson trading the stock market. Once I exited a trade it was finished. For every missed extra profit there was a missed loss, so all that mattered was how much profit this trade made. Quick decisions then move on.

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