Get a lawyer son

I was in court on Friday for the Geezer’s assault on me. The staff who were witnesses were also subpoenaed to appear.

He denied punching me or hitting me with an office chair, but admitted only pushing and shoving me.

However they argued he was a fine citizen an a pillar of the community. They handed up references to support that claim.

His lawyer claimed he lost control of his company after 20 successful years through some machiavelian means. His laywer also said I took control of the company when he suffered a debilitating stroke two years ago.

Successful company? Please explain the three company liquidations since 1995.

The stroke was news to me and his siblings. It’s a pretty amazing recovery to assault me 12 months later and stand in court unaided after 2 years.

Anyway, he deeply regretted losing his cool and pled guilty to common assault.

The court accepted the guilty plea, did not record a conviction and put him on a six month good behaviour bond. A great result for him and I’m actually very happy as well. So win-win for all. 😉

Then we dealt with my request for an Apprehended Violence Order. They didn’t want a bar of it and offered to extend their undertaking to not contact me without our lawyers being present. After some discussion we’re in court in February next year on the AVO. In the meantime his undertaking is part of his bond.

The next round is over 10 years of long service leave he and The Wicked Step-Mother claim I owe them.

But it goes to show that if you ever get into trouble with the police, You better get a lawyer, son, you better get a real good one.

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