Housing Boom

I don’t know what the immediate future of the Sydney (and other Oz capitals) property market is. Will it continue to boom? Historically low interest rates, poor stock market performance and the need to increase suburban densities suggest business as usual. Superannuation and commercial/industrial property funds are adding asset allocation pressure as well. The counter […]

A new look

As some of you know, my site is not about community building. Go visit the Somersoft Forum or chat room to meet some wonderful people. I also like the Freestyler Network for meeting like minded people in the real world. This site is more a journal or diary. A stream of consciousness philosophy if you […]

Strange questions from smart people

I was writing and publishing paper-based ‘zines and newsletters back when the Apple Macintosh was first released. They were a beautiful piece of kit and introduced the phrase WYSISYG to the world (What You See Is What You Get). Strangely, new writers asked published authors which computer to buy to write their novel. Did you […]

Beginners win while others get burned

Surprisingly often, beginners do good first deals in real estate, the financial markets and business. Why? Answer by clicking comments, but I’ll lead off with a fairly analytical approach. My theory is successful newbies are cautious and actually begin. What do I mean by this? Character traits of the cautious: Have an inbuilt drive to […]

Nobody knows anything – William Goldman

William Goldman opened his best-selling book Adventures in the Screen Trade with “Nobody knows anything”. Goldman writes movies. Good ones. His filmography to date according to the Internet Movie Database: Hearts in Atlantis (2001) (screenplay) General’s Daughter, The (1999) (screenplay) Absolute Power (1997) (screenplay) Fierce Creatures (1997) (uncredited) Ghost and the Darkness, The (1996) (written […]