Someone’s trying to screw you

I just go home from listening to Peter Holmes à Court give a casual talk at the Sydney Chapter of Young Entrepreneurs Organisation. I won’t reproduce his entertaining, inspiring and insightful comments here — if you ever get a chance to hear Peter talk, take it.

One point he did make was Someone’s always trying to screw you, don’t let it change you.

There is power in this zen-like state. There are crooks, opportunists, charlatans and even terrorists out there. We may be unfortunate enough to cross paths with a few. As a matter-of-fact it’s almost inevitable. But that doesn’t mean we must fret about it. We are big people now, with confidence to deal with whatever life throws up.

Take some risks.

PS Peter’s 10 points inspired a number of reactions in me. I’ll be posting on those reactions over the next few days.

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