Month: August 2003

  • RSS excites me

    I mentioned in my Using Technology post that I’m excited about RSS. RSS stands for (among other things) Really Simple Syndication. That’s an easy way for articles and news to be published in other peoples websites, weblogs, newspages and even by individuals in software called RSS feed readers or RSS news aggregators. RSS offers two […]

  • Recharging the batteries

    I need a break. Urgently! So Nella and I were looking at a weekend away in the Hunter Valley. Then we remembered we were already going away with a group of people in a couple of weekends. So going away twice in three weeks doesn’t really work. For one I’d miss my internet connection. We […]

  • Chris Batten site update

    I visited again tonight. Chris Batten, Tax specialist from Macquarie Street, Sydney. Chris is a smart, aggressive bloke. Actually he’s a giant. Nella did a contract for him a few years ago now, so we got to know him. A lot of the content on Chris’s site has now moved into the membership (paid) […]

  • Bottom end of the market

    I like buying investment properties at the bottom end of the market. A step up from slum-lording, but still basic, no-frills housing. Easy to rent, cheap to maintain. Nothing glamourous. Nella and I lived in one of these when we first got married. I wouldn’t buy something I couldn’t live in. Note that’s “couldn’t” not […]

  • Upgrade to WordPress 0.72b1

    We’ve upgraded to WordPress 0.72 beta1 to fix a couple of bugs that were annoying. As usual let me know if anything broke that I didn’t notice

  • Too much inventory

    In 1992 or so I read The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement by Eliyahu M. Goldratt. It changed my business life and allowed Robert Kiyosaki to influence my world-view on work and investing. The Goal is written as a novel. The concepts emerge in the story. One point Goldratt made — inventory is not […]

  • DNS is down

    If you can still see this page, congratulations, but you may not for long. DNS is the way the internet turns www.wealthesteem into an IP address. Anyway our nameserver in the US is down as is our secondary name server. So until they come back we and the other sites served from here are invisible. […]

  • Technical Glitch

    We required a security update to the blog software. A transmission glitch meant the server gave blank pages for the last 4 hours. Sorry about that. It should be fixed now. As usual let us know if there is a problem.

  • Give it away

    There are interesting recent developments in the deployment of Wi-Fi hotspots in public areas in Australia and the US (and probably elsewhere but I haven’t got any references). Wi-Fi is wireless Local Area Networking — basically wireless Internet on laptops. In Too Cheap to Meter, over at VentureBlog, Naval Ravikant notes it’s more of a […]

  • Let technology set you free

    I finally got to bed this morning at 2:30am. I figured if I was going to set up a RSS feed I might as well update the software that I run the blog on. There were a few glitches, hopefully none of you were online at that time to see them. Let me know if […]