Chris Batten site update

I visited again tonight. Chris Batten, Tax specialist from Macquarie Street, Sydney.

Chris is a smart, aggressive bloke. Actually he’s a giant. Nella did a contract for him a few years ago now, so we got to know him.

A lot of the content on Chris’s site has now moved into the membership (paid) side. Still, it seems like the general concepts are still out there. There is general advice on asset protection; business & investment structures; property investment & development; superannuation and especially trusts.

Specific information and advice on those areas really needs consultation with an expert. It’s an area where a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. As a specialist, his clients were normally lawyers and other accountants along with high net worth individuals and business owners.

I first heard about Hybrid Discretionary Trusts in 1999 from Chris. I can’t comment on the membership site as I’m not a member. The Hardball video feed looks very exciting.

Good to see Chris is keeping on the bleeding edge. He really knows his stuff.

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  1. how much is a high net worth individual? I remember Paul when you said that part of the reason that you went bust during the last property boom was that you should of upgraded your advisors. When should one go to a guy like Batten or his equivalent in other professions?

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