Following the pack

Nova 96.9, the Sydney radio station, are running a contest called Double Dilema. They give a tricky situation and ask you to SMS your choice, then tune in at 5pm and see if Sydney agrees with what you think. Random prizes are offered to induce participation.

Sydney’s Channel 7 Sunrise program also uses Yes/No phone polls. The peer pressure in this sort of group-think is incredible. I’ve found myself doubting my convictions in response to polls that don’t go my way. Do I really care what 74% of respondents think?

On the other hand, leading the pack is dangerous in the stock market (and potentially also in real estate markets). Anybody still think Telstra 2 was cheap? The trend is your friend.

My motto is “don’t be a schmuck!” The madding crowd have no clue — so don’t follow them. But keep aware that a stampeding mob can kill you if you stand in their way.

Brains or Money

Further to yesterday’s post on smarts being an obstacle to wealth. I remember reading

‘A’ students go on to work for ‘C’ students and ‘B’ students go on to work for the government.

I don’t remember where I read it, but it was during the late 1980’s. let me know if you have a reference so I can attribute it.

Sim’ Rhymes with Time

Sim’ is a very smart friend of mine. So smart in fact that I think he would already be filthy, stinking, rich if he weren’t so smart. It’ll take him a few years longer, coz he’s finally learned that making money can be simple. That should be a compliment, comment below if it came out wrong.

I believe really smart people have large handicaps to overcome in order to become wealthy. I believe that you are really smart if you are reading this. That’s why I don’t spoon feed you. Plus isn’t it fun to talk to smart people? So the take-home value of my post is keep it simple, smarty.

Anyway Sim’s finally got a blog where, among other things, he eloquently and persuasively makes a case for the correct pronounciation of his name. It is a parable for focus, intelligence and coherence. Overcoming the circumstances of his birth name, Sim’ created an image of what he wanted. People told him he needed to change the spelling to convey his meaning. But he knew what he meant, and enough others knew (at least the one’s who matter). Sim’ doesn’t need to change the world, merely his little corner of it. Happiness and empowerment flow from that.

FYI, yes, the rest of Sim’s blog is very interesting. I don’t think that parable was a stretch. Think about it and leave a comment.