Brains or Money

Further to yesterday’s post on smarts being an obstacle to wealth. I remember reading

‘A’ students go on to work for ‘C’ students and ‘B’ students go on to work for the government.

I don’t remember where I read it, but it was during the late 1980’s. let me know if you have a reference so I can attribute it.

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  1. Interesting topic you have, I would like to keep up with it and work with you regarding sources. I am a bipolar who, like lots of bipolars, dropped out of school. It has been my steady impression that folks without degrees live under a different set of rules and expectations. You make good money by starting your own business, by starting low in a firm and coming to the attention of higher-ups, or you remain with the rest of the laboring stiffs of humanity.

    I certainly think it is the case that if you happen to have high intellectual gifts and have made a good bit of them, anything of value will appear, if it appears at all, 10 years after your death.

    As per your recollection concerning ‘A’ students v. ‘C’ students, I recall something slightly different, but to the same general effect: ‘A’ students don’t get the top spots because the ‘C’ students are better at interacting with people. That was the line when I was in college, and it seems it was all over the place in journals.

    Please let me know if you have credible information as to the plight of intelligent folks who are trashed for not having played society’s college game.



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