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  • NCP Market Commentary 2002-01-14

    Ouch! NCP opens low at 15.14 and trades lower spending most of the day below 15.00. The strategy calls for buying more stock if it drops another 2.5% to 14.90 which it nearly did. NCP closes at 15.04.

  • Sell 1940 NCP @ 15.45

    After yesterday’s emotional roller coaster it is time to exit and make a considered re-entry. The market opens at 15.55 but it is down to 15.40 before I can get near an internet connection to sell. I place a sell order at 15.45 and go do some work. During that time the market recovers to […]

  • Buy 1940 NCP @ 15.35

    Decided to try a day trade after the NCP market opened aggressively down to 15.27 then moved up smartly to 15.38. Placed a buy order in for 1700 at 15.33 and amended it up for price and quantity. An hour later it’s down to 15.31 and looked bad. But it picked up and spent most […]

  • Sell 1700 NCP @ 15.48

    What a day! I went for a late lunch at 2:00pm happy that NCP was happily above 15.70. I came back at 3:30pm to discover it at 15.48 (choke!). Nearly 2% off high is a clear sell to me. I am beating myself up for not taking 3% at 15.74. But that’s why I’m keeping […]

  • Buy 1700 NCP @ 15.28

    Why? 2.5% fall from previous peak close of 15.675 on 28 Dec 01. The stock went up then down to close at 15.209. Last trade was 15.22. I feel pretty foolish but I don’t try to pick tops or bottoms. There are three potential exit strategies: sell for +2.5% (15.66); or +3% (15.74); or sell […]